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Why The Controller?

Driver Education is a daunting task with a new teen driver or any beginning driver of any age.

Expose any new driver to any driving situation that you would never risk without The Controller dual brake. The Controller Driver Training Brake can be used by anyone teaching, supervising or testing a new driver of any age, or evaluating an experienced driver:

  • Parent Supervised Driving Programs
  • Parent Driver Trainers
  • Parent Taught Driver Education Programs
  • Driver Rehabilitation
  • Commercial Driver Education Schools
  • State Road Skills Testing

The Controller Driver Training Brake, dual brake, is the first and only passenger side driver training brake designed to help the new parent driving trainer, parent taught driver education driving lessons, and driver rehabilitation trainers to not only slow down and/or stop the vehicle, but it also allows the driving trainer to control the steering wheel at the same time.  This driver training product is an amazing device that installs in less than 15 seconds and gives you, (the parent driver trainer, parent taught driver education trainer or driving instructor) and your student driver confidence, security and peace of mind.


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Used by Professional Driving Instructors

The Controller™ was invented, developed, patented and used by Driving Success, Inc.'s professional driving instructors over the past 30 years.  They wouldn't instruct without this student driver training, dual brake product, and neither should you! 

The Controller™ promotes a safe learning environment which reduces the risk and anxiety associated with training someone how to drive.  More importantly, this teen driver training dual brake product creates a calm, focused atmosphere for effective, heavy traffic driving experiences.

Equipped like any professional driving instructor, parent driver training, parent taught driver education, and driver rehabilitation instructors can instruct like a pro with confidence in virtually any behind the wheel situation with The Controller.

  • Install in Seconds

  • Adjusts for Most Vehicles

  • Control the brake and the steering from the passenger seat
  • Made in America, By American Small Business

Install in Seconds

Adjusts for Most Vehicles

Made in America, By American Small Business