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Welcome to Driving Success Inc., the inventor of The Controller™. The Driving Success Inc. family has been in business for over 60 years.

Our services include:

  • Driver Education Schools, classrooms and behind-the-wheel instruction
  • Driver Education Services and Products: Course Curriculums

How to Drive and Survive is the first and only Textbook/EBook and Audio Book of its kind used by public or private driving schools in our Nation. This Driver Education Textbook has some of the most current updated Class Room Curriculum in our Nation.

  • New Driving Instructor/Teacher Manual: Behind-the-Wheel teaching, step-by-step
  • New Student Driver Educational Manual: Behind-the-Wheel, step-by-step guide

During these 60 years, we have taught more than 320,000 students how to drive. These new drivers came from all walks of life and represented every age group from 15 to 65. In addition, Driving Success Inc. has trained and supervised driver education professionals how to instruct student drivers. We have taught these instructors how to keep control of their student’s vehicle at all times. We view maintaining constant control of a vehicle used in driver training as the single most important factor in preserving a safe and worry-free driver education program.

Recent Trends in Driver Education That Affect You
Until recently driver education played a key part in the curriculum of many high schools. Due to skyrocketing costs, driver’s education no longer plays an important part in many high schools. Many high schools only offer the classroom driver’s education phase, but no behind-the-wheel learning phase.

Today, only 25% of all eligible drivers take a certified driver education course that includes both the classroom and the behind-the-wheel phase. The other 75% learn how to drive from family members and friends. The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law states: “A parent/guardian or anyone that’s had their drivers license for at least 3 years will certify that they and others have practiced with the new driver for a minimum of 50 hours”; which must be logged on a “Supervised Driving Log”; then given to your DMV or MVD.

Therefore, parents and other amateurs are now forced to teach the beginning driver behind-the-wheel.

Unfortunately, many of the novice instructors are a threat to themselves, the students they teach and the other drivers on the roads as well. Until now there has never been a way for the amateur to learn how to instruct driving skills properly. More importantly, there has never been a way for the novice-driving instructor to keep control of the instructional vehicle in dangerous situations that can lead to accidents.

Teaching someone how to drive is no easy job. Even in driver education courses professional instructor training is absolutely essential. The driving instructor must instill the proper skills and a sense of confidence in the student, during the sometimes stressful situations that arise when learning how to drive. When you, like many parents and other novice driving teachers, take on the responsibility of teaching your children how to drive, you are usually more than a little nervous.

Expose your teenager/new driver to driving situations that you would never risk without the Controller™ Driver Training Brake.  The Controller is the only driver training brake designed for use by anyone, during critical periods when a new driver is learning all the necessary skills on How to Drive and Survive.

A professional driving instructor never leaves the parking lot without one, and neither should you. Yet in accordance with today’s Graduated Driver Licensing Laws (GDL), tens of thousands of parents, grandparents, many other family members and yes all the many helpful friends, supervise, guide, and teach the new beginning driver behind-the-wheel each day; without the safety and security of a passenger-side brake.

The Controller™ Driver Training Brake promotes a safe learning environment which not only reduces the risk and anxiety associated with training a new driver, but contributes to a calm focused atmosphere for effective “real world” experience and skill development.

The experience a new driver gains through behind-the-wheel instruction with the new teacher can be invaluable. Please do it safely. And get the peace of mind you deserve with the Controller™.

Equipped like the Pros, the new teacher can instruct like the pros with confidence in virtually any behind-the-wheel situation. The Controller Driver Training Brake assures that anyone can fulfill GDL requirements safety. A big plus when teaching a person to drive is that they are confident in what they are being taught. Tension and nervousness dramatically reduce concentration and the ability to learn.

We have dreamed that there would be some way for novice driving instructors to maintain total control and safety in an instructional vehicle, like their family car, at all times. Imagine if you had the ability to slow or stop your car from the passenger seat and also have your left arm and hand free to help in steering, turning and guiding the vehicle, just as a professional driving instructor is able to do with students. With only a simple hand movement and without the hefty add-on safety equipment normally fitted into professional instructional vehicles, you can. Think of the sense of confidence you and your student might gain that would change the driver-training situation from a nightmare into a dream. Now, finally, after years of research and development, here is the solution.


A total approach to safe, convenient driver education that allows you to have total control of your car at all times from the passenger seat.


The CONTROLLER™ is a dual control hand braking system that quickly and conveniently attaches to the driver’s brake. In about 15 seconds, without the aid of special tools of any kind, you can attach the CONTROLLER™ to the brake of just about any model car, SUV, or truck; regardless of the whether the vehicle has automatic or manual transmission.

Holding the CONTROLLER™ in your right hand and exerting a slight downward movement in the direction of the drivers brake, you can slow down the vehicle or come to a fast quick complete stop. It merely depends upon the amount of pressure you apply. This leaves your left hand free to help a student with steering control.

Using the CONTROLLER™ is not only fun and easy, but it’s as if you yourself had your foot on the brake. With your left hand on the steering wheel, you can control exactly what happens to your car if your student makes an error in judgement. Turns are a breeze because you can slow your car through them and your student can see and feel exactly how a turn can be properly executed. Now you can do away with the trauma and anxiety of the stressful driver education experience.

The Benefits of the CONTROLLER™ are Clear


The CONTROLLER™ instills immediate confidence both in you, the driving teacher, and your student. Teaching driving with the CONTROLLER™ ensures safety, and it’s fun and easy.



The CONTROLLER™ is a two-piece unit complete with padded handle, 360° swivel joint and C-clamp brake brace, and telescoping length which attaches to your brake arm. The Controller is completely rubberized, for your vehicles protection.


Insert the straight end of the smaller, S-shaped tube into the larger handle, aligning the white lines. Slide the telescoping tubes together to align the adjustment holes. Place the flat-head bolt through the holes once aligned. Screw the wing-nut assembly onto the bolt and tighten just until snug.

Step 1: Place The Controller in the vehicle and fit the brake brace C-clamp above the brake pedal on the brake arm, tighten the hand screw firmly on the C-clamp brake brace so there is no slipping or movement. The handle will extend into the front passenger side.

Step 2: If the handle extends too far into the passenger side, remove the locking pin, slide the tubes to the second adjustment hole, replace the pin and lock in place.

Step 3: From the passenger seat check the length and comfort. The handle should extend to the passengers’ mid-lap. You may also need to adjust the seat.
That’s it… DONE, in 15 seconds or less!

When you teach an individual how to drive, you also assume responsibility for anything that occurs during operation of your vehicle. Since those new to the driving situation are often unaware of the many dangers always lurking around the next corner or in the next lane, you, the instructor must be in control of your car at all times. You can anticipate dangerous situations and act accordingly, and the CONTROLLER™ can help you do just that. As a licensed driver you have already acquired many driving skills. Let me show you how, using the CONTROLLER™, you can enhance those skills and effectively teach anyone essential driving skills. It’s easier than you think.

Read and be familiar with the following material completely before attempting to drive using the CONTROLLER™. It is suggested that you keep this instruction book with you while you complete your test drive so you may refer to the material.

Before conducting any lessons with a student driver, you must get a feel for how the CONTROLLER™ works. For your initial test drive you should have another licensed driver with you who will be driving the vehicle while you operate the CONTROLLER™ from the passenger seat. Usually an empty parking lot or other location removed from the dangers and distractions of high traffic street driving are suitable for conducting your test drive.

After installing the CONTROLLER™ according to instructions, complete the following:
Are the vehicles brakes in good operating condition?

Make sure there is a rear view mirror on the passenger side.

The new driver should place his or her hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position on the steering wheel, holding the wheel with a light grip. The new instructor’s LEFT HAND should always be ready to be placed firmly but lightly on the steering wheel at the 4 o’clock position. These are the hand positions you and your student will assume during lessons.

Hold the CONTROLLER™ in your right hand; palm down.

Practice taking these positions a couple of times until they feel easy and natural.

OK, now you and your test driver are prepared to take a spin using the CONTROLLER™. MAKE SURE BOTH YOU AND YOUR TEST DRIVER ARE WEARING YOUR SEAT BELTS. Have your driver proceed slowly, accelerating to about 5 MPH, just to get used to the feel of driving with the CONTROLLER™, slow and stop the vehicle.

At a very slow speed (5 mph), first bring the vehicle to a complete smooth stop in the following manner:

Instruct your test driver to accelerate moderately to 5mph. Inform the driver when you want to stop and apply a smooth downward pressure on the CONTROLLER™ handle until the car comes to a complete halt.

Instead of coming to a complete stop; practice simply slowing the car by exercising more gently pressure on the handle. You can bring the car to an absolute sudden dead stop by applying rapid pressure to the CONTROLLER™. Just as your foot has been trained not to relax during a full stop, your right hand and arm must apply constant pressure to the brake. Be sure to plan this maneuver with your test driver who should proceed with moderate speed and caution. It’s also advisable for your test driver to apply his or her own foot to the brake while you try using the CONTROLLER™.

By the way, if the new student driver has inadvertently used too much brake or has stopped inappropriately, simply pull back on the CONTROLLER™. They will feel the movement and release the brake.

You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to become totally familiar and comfortable with the CONTROLLER™. Alright, now let’s review:

  • Sit in the passenger seat and relax.
  • Place the CONTROLLER™ in your right hand, palm down.
  • Be ready with your left hand on the steering wheel at the 4 o’clock position.
  • Remain in a parking lot or other low traffic location.
  • Remember to check your rear view mirror frequently for hazards.

Notice how easily the vehicle slows or stops. I’m sure that you’ve already noticed how little pressure is required to use the CONTROLLER™. Remember, you should be in complete control of your vehicle at all times. Now that you’ve practiced slowing, stopping and reversing a stop, let’s go on to making a few simple turns.


  • Make sure you have the CONTROLLER™ in your right hand as described.
  • Place your left hand on the steering wheel at the 4 o’clock position. The test driver’s hands should be at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. Leave your fingers on the inside rim of the steering wheel. Use the inside bars to help facilitate turning. NEVER use your palm to turn the wheel as you might lose control of the vehicle.
  • Have your test driver slowly accelerate.
  • Tell your test driver you are going to turn right.
  • Check your rear view mirror and tell your driver to slow down.
  • A good turn is a slow turn. Go ahead and complete your turn. Remember to slow down BEFORE your enter the turn. Follow the same procedure in making a left turn. Once you have practiced sufficiently in parking lots and other no-traffic areas, it’s a good idea to practice driving on low traffic city streets, like your residential area.

It is advisable that you select a location as removed from driving distractions as possible before using the CONTROLLER™ in street driving situations.

Once you feel at ease in a residential area, select a two-lane street with as little traffic as possible. Travel over a predetermined route completing left and right turns. Try some lane changes. Remember; always look over your left and right shoulder to check your blind spots. When checking your blind spot, DO NOT TURN THE STEERING WHEEL. Since you are seated in the passenger side, it may take you a few tries to get used to this unusual position.

Congratulations, now you have a good feel for how simple and fun it is to use the CONTROLLER™, and you are ready to instruct your student!


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