Parent Supervised Driving


Parental involvement in teen driver education has a measurable, positive impact on driving safety.  Young novice drivers are over-represented in road trauma on a global level.

Forty-six States and the District of Columbia have instituted some form of graduated driver’s licensing, (GDL), requirement.  This usually consists of a certain number of supervised driving hours over an extended period during the pre-licensing phase. 

Very few parents have a clear understanding of best practices to help their teens.

The professional driving instructor is the subject expert who can introduce proper skills and help establish training goals.  The parent then supervises practicing those skills.

But, the professional driving instructor is not only equipped with the knowledge of teaching, but also with the equipment for safety.

Some parents may be tempted to use the parking brake (if located between the seats) in an emergency situation.  This can be dangerous even at low speeds and should only be considered as a last resort.

The parent can control the brake so the student can feel the slow pressure and learn the nuances of smooth braking.

By gently pulling back on The Controller, the parent can signal for the student to take their foot off the brake.

There are many parent resource sites available online, both paid and free, and your teen’s driving school may even offer parent orientation.  None of them provide driver training brakes!

THE CONTROLLER provides the essential element all of the other programs leave out…a Driver Training Brake. Grab the wheel with your left hand as you apply the brake with your right hand, just like professional driving instructors.

In addition, when you order The Controller, you will receive digital downloads to include:

  • Teacher and Student Introduction
  • Student Guide
  • The Teaching Guide
  • The Seven Essential Lessons for Teaching Crucial Driving Skills