Welcome to The Controller Driver Training Brake

Driving Success, Inc., inventor of The Controller Driver Training Brake has been in the Driver Safety Education business for 60 years.

During these 60 years, we have taught more than 320,000 students how to drive. These new drivers came from all walks of life and represented every age group from 15 to 73. In addition, we have taught and supervised driver education professionals how to instruct student driver training.  We taught these instructors how to keep control of their student’s vehicle at all times.

Maintaining constant control of the vehicle used in driver training is the single most important factor in preserving a safe and worry-free driver education program.

Today, only 25% of all eligible drivers take a certified driver education course, which includes the classroom and the behind-the-wheel phase.  The other 75% learn how to drive from family members and friends, i.e. parent taught driver education training.

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